First Assessment

Ok so I was on track to take the first part of my first assessment with LaunchSchool a month ago. It didn’t happen. I was a little nervous so I decided to keep going over some of the lessons as well as read some other books.

I was at a point where I thought ok I understand and then went back to do some exercises and had some trouble. This sort of sent me into a mild tailspin. I kept going and LaunchSchool released some new content so I decided to do those and I really think it helped.

I was still nervous but decided it was time to at least try. So today I took the first part and passes after 3 revisions to some questions. I was relieved but more importantly it gave me a giant boost. I still have the live coding part which i think will be harder but I have so far had a lot of fun learning and can’t wait to study for the next assessment.

Two takeaways from the assessment were one it gave me another reference point on how to think through questions and to express the answers. Sometimes you can have it in your head straight but actually articulating it is another story.

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