Still Preparing….

OK So about a month ago I was fairly certain I was going to schedule my assessment before the holidays hit. Well that didn’t happen and I was getting a little nervous. I was gong through the courses, exercises, etc and I would have good days where things seem to be clicking but other days were a a real struggle. I expected this but it was tough at times when things I thought I understood seemed to now be a mystery.

So I started to read some other books about Ruby. I tried to find some books that weren’t beginner but somewhere after that. It was a hard. Most books seemed to be really brief intros or deep down the rabbit hole. I found a couple and began to supplement along with LS. I think it has helped to get a better understanding of a lot of elements. Not hat LS wasn’t getting through to me but the books offered a slightly different perspective and it helps.

I am about a week away from when I am targeting my written assessment. Still nervous but feeling better. Another reason I am glad I waited is LS pushed out some new courses and so far I am really liking them and they are clearing up some code that I will need for the assessment.

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