Stepping into her Shoes: Rethinking the Clinton Emails
John Laprise

A very SIMPLE question. Why would you have your own “Unprotected” server to use for your duty as “Secretary of State” where you knew that you would be handling lots of sensitive materials?

From having worked at an “Intelligence Office” in the Army, it just doesn’t register me at all. Am I the only one?

For business people, it is like “I would like to use my personal email account for my business/work because it is more convenient” Does it make sense? I have my personal email accounts but I do not use it for business because

  1. I am not allowed to do so as any activities with my work including emails belong to the company that I work for. It’s company’s asset. I have never thought of using my personal email account to conduct business and will never do such things. It is WRONG.
  2. How many companies in this planet will allow someone to use personal email for business/work purpose?

I am just asking a VERY SIMPLE QUESTION. That is it. Clinton, who has the most impressive political resume than any other candidates from the very beginning totally got away with it IMHO. When it is proven by the law that she did not breach any law, then that is it. However, do people think what Hilary did was legit and we must go on leave the issue that way? I don’t know the answer.