A Day in The Life of Northern Nevada’s Nerf Overlord

Sitting down with the acting president of the Nerf Club of Reno, Dane Bottenberg, we find out what goes on in his life. Before taking over the club as president, he was the clubs official Quartermaster, keeping and modifying the clubs blasters. With a unanimous decision among the clubs officers, Dane’s official title is Nerf Overlord.

Dane strategizes the next big game, going over tactics and deciding rankings.
One of Dane’s many boxes of blasters, barely a fraction of his collection
Dane takes apart, modifies, and reassembles a blaster, making the blaster shoot faster and hit harder
Trying out the under barrel launcher, shooting out the large foam rocket
Testing out the modifications on his apartment, his cat was not pleased
Ready for some action, watch out squirrels, he’s coming
The end of a long day as Nerf Overlord