The Attraction of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is giving people what they want. They saw him on the Apprentice as a brash unapologetic tell it like it is figure. He is delivering on that; giving them what they saw on the show. He may have finally gone to far now attacking George W. Bush a beloved figure in South Carolina by saying 9–11 was his fault and saying that he(Bush) lied about the Iraq Invasion and weapons of mass destruction. He more than likely was mislead about the invasion.
 Donald Trump, Saturday night, looked like a candidate who was flailing trying to stay relevant not a candidate who was comfortably in the lead. A candidate who is ahead should be trying to stay above the fray not calling candidates liars or candidates “a horrible guy.” Is he is giving his viewers his fans what they expect but what about the others? Can we equivocate The Apprentice ratings to his place in the polls did 35% of American’s watch the show and like it? Is he attracting new voters or people who watched his show? 
 He obviously came to the race with a level of notoriety and name recognition. His TV show’s popularity is contributing to his stay in the polls. 
 I also believe that he is saying what he says for the free media publicity the more outlandish things he says the more free media coverage he gets the less he has to spend on ad’s.

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