What Is Your ONE Hurdle?

What would your track coach do if you were in the championship race and you ran up to the first hurdle, picked it up, put it over your shoulders, and started carrying it around with you on the track? He would lose it because this would be the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen!

But this is what people do in life all the time. They set a goal or start on a path towards what they want then they come to a hurdle. Maybe they get past the first one and it is the second or third one that finally stops their forward progress all together. They decide to pick up the hurdle and start carrying it around with them. Now that hurdle becomes their primary excuse of why they can’t achieve what they want, the longer they carry it the heavier it gets and the deeper it sets in.

Hurdles are there to make us jump! To push us beyond our old levels so we can grow to who we were born to be. When you come to a hurdle in life it can define you or it can make you stronger pushing you one step closer to your goal. Don’t fool yourself and say it is the hurdle that is stopping you. It doesn’t matter if you go over it, under it, or around it, but don’t stop fighting until you get past it!