Fighting Depression and Learning to Be a Better Human.

In each of us, we discover we’re not alone in the world, that life isn’t about being alone, but for me, I almost realized it too late.

A few years ago, I was going along with life, when I was struck with severe depression.

I hid it from the world, and possibly, even myself.

There were many ways I hid it, but the easiest was always denial.

I denied any statement from anyone, even the little probing ones my mind would send out as alerts

I did this out of necessity. I needed to be who my kids needed, but in the process, I wasn’t being faithful to who I was, or who I wanted to be.

My relationship with my wife suffered, with my kids as well and I became a shadow of the person I always wanted to be.

It was at that moment I knew things had to change, that I had to change.

I began meditating, writing more and reading more diversely.

I used only to read what I write, but that wasn’t learning, that wasn’t being faithful to the art of writing.

Today, I’m working harder to be the parent my kids need, the husband my wife needs and the person humanity needs.

Without the struggles of the past few years, this never would’ve happened and I’m nearly positive I wouldn’t be here.

I have a book that I’ll be posting in sections on Wattpad.

I hope to have it up by the end of the year, if not, it will be the first couple weeks of 2016.

It took work, but I’m learning to care about myself more and through that I’m writing better than I ever have.

We learn to be ourselves after hard work, sacrifice and discovery. Each of these can’t happen without the other.