How crazy can the right-wing crazy get?

Today, my wife and I went for a drive to Ft. Bridger, Wyoming.

Our kids had never been there and after arriving we learned my wife hadn’t been there either.

After leaving, we were hungry and drove farther into Wyoming and stopped at Little America.

I lived ten minutes away from Little America in high school and never thought about how red the state is. It wasn’t something that occurred to me.

Most of the people I talked to were somewhat progressive, though to look at their Facebook feeds now you wouldn’t know it.

To the point of the story:

We were waiting for our food and there was a person at a table next to ours.

He was talking all the Breitbart talking points:

Dead People vote.

Soros pays for the protests and Hillary used Benghazi to make money.

But there was an instance during his diatribe that I was expecting and it almost cost me a night in jail.

He said, “George Washington was a drunkard and a terrible general and human being.”

Now, I’ve been a reader of Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers since I learned about the founding of the country in fifth grade.

This person defamed the first president of the United States to further his bullshit agenda.

When will this stop?

How far can these people go before they’re no longer coherent?