No Perfect Writing Path.

Writing used to be something I did because I wanted to be a writer.

I started by reading books about writing, reorganized my life to fit into what they said a writer should be.

What I learned is that there isn’t a perfect way to be a writer.

Sure, they’ll tell you, “Write what you know.” That vague as hell.

Writing what you know is not the truth.

Writing what you’ve experienced is a better way to proceed.

Of course, you haven’t fought a dragon, but, you have probably felt fear. You know what it’s like to fear something bigger than you; we’ve all dealt with that.

The past few months I’ve been able to write truly and from a place with less fear than I’ve ever felt.

We read all these books, but they don’t tell us what to write. That comes from us. We can only read them, follow a few of their instructions and keep going.

When the world you’re creating falls apart, it’s not writers block, you just wrote something wrong, and it needs fixing before you can move on.

When you’re writing, the world can come to a standstill, but the truth is, that’s the flow. You’re in the zone and writing the way you should be, the way you’re supposed to be.

Getting to that place takes practice and a hell of a lot of writing.

You’ll find it, just keep going.

We all have different writing paths, yours is in front of you. Just keep going.

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