The Self-Discovery Revelation

Sometimes we reach a place of self-discovery so profound we’re left undecided of whether we should move forward with it or keep it to ourselves.

It may happen when we’re reading a book, watching a movie or staring at the sunset, but it does come.

What we learn may have to do with the person we’ve believed we all our lives. Only to stare at a timeline of events and understand we’re not who thought we were.

The revelation may set us back or move us forward, depending on our views of our life.

What we must do with the revelation is understand that though something profound has occurred. We must move forward for that is the only way we can learn.

Forward may be hard depending on how life-altering the discovery is. Forward is the the only movement possible. We can’t go back and change who we were, we can only move forward and change who we are from now on.

In this little bit of time that the revelation occurs, we will know who we are, how we got there and what our life is really about. We will discover our life goals, not those given to us through the guise of being unique or following our parent’s wisdom, but through the knowing of who we are.

Understand that attaining this self-discovery and moving forward will change the way people view us and how we may view ourselves. But it’s in the understanding of who we are that our lives will truly be our own and not something society has thrown upon us.

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