Things I learned from NaNoWriMo, yeah one of “those” articles.

This year, I was going to kick NaNoWriMo’s ass, yeah, about that.

I had everything planned out, well, I didn’t plan on our new house, kids and a new dog taking up more of my time than I believed it would.

So what happened?

I’ve been a pantser for nearly everything I’ve finished ( 5 books) and thought the reasonI finished was because of pantsing them, well, yeah. I’m pretty sure after reading those novels, the reason has more to do with their boring stories and less to do with how they were written.

My cousin Michelle has seven books or so published. We’ve had the outline > pantsing discussion before, but now I’m starting to come to her side of the group.

After writing five books, hundreds of short stories and blog articles, I understand that if you do an outline, but don’t let it choke your creativity, and then you’ll finish it.

What I’ve learned during NaNoWriMo this year is an outline is more important than I first believed, and that with a proper story structure the writing will flow easier, and I won’t feel like I’m forcing the story.

I have an outline for a story that came to me during my first Transcendental Meditation, and I think it’s time to revisit that story.

To all the writers, keep going.


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