To the point.

To the point. Each of us gets to a certain point in our lives where our perspective on who we are, were and wanted to change.

I call these points aspects; because the aspect of that viewpoint has changed.

These references of our past selves leave an imprint of that point and time in our lives. The references are between the lives of what we wanted, and what we could have.

In life, the truth of our existence and the fascination of what we want can become corollaries in our existence.

This happens by change and creates the person we always wanted to be in our lives.

The changes may be minute, but when they happen it influences who we are to such a degree that we no longer accept the person we were and are led to accept who we’ve become.

Within the realm of possibilities there, multiple people we could become, but only one of them is our True self.

This True self, is something we’ve yearned for, fought for and throughout our lives we knew that person was there, we just weren’t willing to risk enough to get there.

Risk everything to get there.

Do what’s needed to be that person for the simple reason of happiness.

Happiness and joy are more important in our lives, But, most of us won’t risk for joy. Joy and happiness are more important to who we could be than anything else.

Risk everything for joy and happiness, it’s worth it.

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