Where You Need To Be.

Each day we say, “This will be the day I make a dent in this story,” then life happens.

The problem is that we let these life events interfere with what we want to do.

Of course there are moments we truly can’t avoid, death and “some” family commitments aside, we should be kicking our story’s ass, but they relegated us to the almosts or also-rans.

We’re tired of this crap, but, there is a moment when all of these send us to somewhere different.

It’s called the “Place Where We Need To Be,” it’s magical and keeps us writing when we don’t want to.

This place isn’t hiding among other things. It waits for us to be ready.

The only way to find it is to wait.

You’ll feel it when you’re available.

It comes as the last level of a video game. Just before you reach the last level, you get an upgrade in your gear and then you know “shit just got real.”

It’s exactly like that.

It’s moment of pure frenzied, “Oh hells” and “Damn, this is gonna be fun.”

It’s not electrical, at least not to me, but it may feel that way to you.

Wait for it to happen, it will happen.

Enjoy that moment. Write it down and figure out how you got there.

Until next time.