When it comes to influence, less is more

Survey reveals that people with fewer followers are more trusted online

“This survey shows that just because you’ve got a lot of followers, doesn’t mean you’ve got a lot of influence,” says Heartbeat CEO and Co-founder Brian Freeman. “nano-influencers may be small fish compared to the Kylie Jenners and Bella Hadids of the world. But when it comes to promoting a product, they actually carry more sway with their followers than those big-name celebrities. People know and trust nano-influencers. There’s a different kind of bond there. It’s a real relationship. You can believe what they’re saying instead of being worried about getting Fyre Festival-ed. When it comes to influence, less is more.”

Freeman helms Heartbeat, a company that connects brands with nano-influencers. It works with over 200,000 nano-influencers and 250 brands, including Goop, Drybar, Girlboss, H&M, and Iconery.

Heartbeat’s Co-founder Kate Edwards says the survey proves that working with nano-influencers is a great secret weapon for brands. Edwards says, “Heartbeat provides the perfect way for brands to connect with these small-follower-count-but-high-trust-quotient people. It may seem more attractive to work with people who have massive followings, but you’ll get better results working with Heartbeat. We connect you to real people who have real influence.”

Some other findings in the survey:

  • The type of brands that Heartbeat Ambassadors are most interested in working with are Beauty, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Wellness & Fitness, and Travel.
  • 70% of Ambassadors have never been paid to post for a brand or a company on Instagram before.
  • 35% of Ambassadors prefer campaigns where they receive free products instead of ones where they get paid to post.
  • 86% of Ambassadors are under the age of 34. 36% are between 18 and 24 years old. 96% of ambassadors are female.
  • 44% of Ambassadors have less than 1,000 followers. 37% have between 1,000–5,000 followers.