Andela Boot camp Experience

Three days in and the pressure is on. I have to say the past two days have challenged me to go beyond what I’m used to. If there was ever a comfort zone, I think that I’ve left it behind.

Day one of the boot camp wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. There was a video call that all team members were supposed to attend. I was there on time but I had some audio issues at the start. Unfortunately, I missed some of the opening parts but I was able to tune in later on. I think that this had a negative effect on my output because I took longer to get up to speed.

Each day, there are targets that you need to meet by a particular time. This means that you need to have ample time set aside to do the work and review it.

I find that when I’m working, I’m constantly thinking about the time constraints. That is why I decided that I would “eat the frog first”. This means that one should start with the hardest and the most important task each day.

I work best in the morning and so I’ve dedicated the morning hours towards completing the tasks. So far so good for today, I’ve made some progress on integrating Test Driven Development with my project. I’ve also gotten time to think about how I’ll implement the CRUD operations with Object Oriented Programming.

My team-mates are very helpful and I think we can all benefit from working together. I realized that it is harder to work at it alone because you’ll end up spending a lot of time. Although you’ll be able to do it, you might not be able to complete it before the deadline.

The boot-camp is as challenging as it is fun. I think that when you are learning something, it should strike a balance between the two. If it is too simple, you might lose the motivation to continue. If you aren’t being engaged, you will find it hard to complete the tasks and give up altogether.

On the first day, I didn’t structure my time well. In the end, I ended up spending a lot of time and working in phases. Today, I’ve defined my goals on Pivotal and I’m working on completing them.

Additionally, I reviewed the tasks for today and came up with a plan on how I would accomplish them.

I’m not always on the internet and so I wish there was a way for me to receive notifications on my phone when my LFA sends me a message on Gitter (Maybe this is a good project to work on). This would have come in handy yesterday when there was something I needed to clarify.

I think that its good that we get to perform stand ups each day. It allows you to think critically about the tasks that you are going to do. Yesterday, I discovered where I was inefficient and where I needed to improve. I was all over the place instead of focusing on one thing and completing it.

All in all, I think that the bootcamp forces you to work hard and to work with your team-mates. This is better than a school setting where everybody is competing and doesn’t want to see the others succeed.

I won’t lie, I’m still not confident in my work. I’ll need to work on the web app for a couple of hours to sort this out. Like I said, I’ve had to push myself farther and farther and I’m willing to make this work.

I have to make sure that I go all in and deliver satisfactory results.