Wild at heart

To test the new HESCHUNG motorcycle boots designed with Triumph specialist JvB, we deciced to give them a wild spin in the french coutry side.

Made in a small atelier in the heart of the Alsace region in the East of France, the JvB boots were crafted specifically for motorcycle riders with a particular taste for Scramblers.


Even though the brand is used to special orders, Jens Vom Brauck had established with the workshop a list of very precise specifications that few brands are able to make. That is the power of flexibility and handmade production.

The gear selector only requires more than a decade of experience in leather shoe-making to be cut and sawed.

Minimalist, solid and aesthetic, they are the signature of the legendary rider whom very few know the secret location of this garage. HESCHUNG sealed the collaboration with a tough Soportlo black leather and norwegian sears.

Available now from the HESCHUNG eShop for 850€ : www.heschung.com


In association with 4h10 and photographer Götz Goppert, we tested the prototypes freshly delivered from the Artisans for a “typical” day ride with a wild twist.


Photographer — Gotz Goppert : gotzgoppert.com
Production & Direction : Brian Leavy
Rider : Treust
Heschung : heschung.com
JvB Jens Vom Brauck : jvb-moto.com/rocknroll

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