Unifi Unifies

Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. produces multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns. They also leaders in innovation and global textile solutions. They have partnerships with a few different brands including, Sorbtek, Sultra, Softec, Augusta, Eclypse, Microvista, Dacron, Aio, Mynx, A.M.Y, Inhibit, Satura, Reflexx, 4t7, and the consumer brand Repreve. Together the two have created this new technology with recycled plastic bottles.

People at Repreve are proud to work with the brand on creating something that can help the planet. “Our partnership with Unifi will allow ITG to offer eco-friendly, high-performance fabrics that exceed our customers’ performance expectations,” said Dale Arnold, executive vice president for ITG. “Unifi is the leader in synthetic yarn development in the U.S. and our partnership will allow us to transfer products and technology globally.”

Repreve is doing a great job of advertising on their website, as per usual the consumer brand has a visually appealing online platform and not to my surprise all of Unifi’s information looks like someone write in in the 90s on a chat platform. Textile brands really don’t see a point in putting effort into their social media presence and online appearance, and really it’s because only people like us are looking for research purposes. The everyday consumer who’s going to buy this product are looking at Unifi’s webiste. They’re spending time on Repreve’s.

Unifi has worked to gain a following by reaching out to Repreve and gain a good target market. The other partnerships they have are other textile manufacturer’s brands that don’t have such a large following or are working on less trending areas of textile research. Unifi has unified by creating textiles out of plastic bottles, that are odor-reducing, UV-protecting, and superior stretch and durability.