The 4-Hour Work Week: Book Review

The four hour work week written by Timothy Ferris outlines the way that you too can live the life you have always dreamed of now, instead of waiting for retirement. It calls people to ‘escape the 9–5, live anywhere, and join the New Rich.’ I was initially intrigued by this idea, because working at an office from 9am-5pm every day, five days of the week, every year for at least 40 years does not sound in the least appealing.

The book is a blue print for a way of living that Tim coins as ‘lifestyle design’ — a term which doesn’t seem to have been defined at all in the book. From what I gathered from reading the book, lifestyle design seems to be the way of living of a category of people that Tim gives the denomination of ‘the New Rich.’ The New Rich is constantly contrasted with the old rich. The old rich are characterized as having millions in the bank, but cannot (or simply do not) live their lives to the fullest until retirement. Tim recommends taking ‘mini retirements’ instead of leaving it all to a someday that might not ever arrive.

Tim’s blueprint consists of four steps that form the acronym ‘DEAL’ if you wish to be a business owner, or ‘DELA’ if you wish to continue being an employee.

D is for Definition

  • In this chapter you learn about the new rules for the New Rich, how to face fears and set a ‘dreamline’

E is for Elimination

  • This chapter focuses on cutting all the unnecessary junk out of your life and become more productive. Its not about working longer hours, its about getting more done with less.

A is for Automation

  • Here Tim talks about how to automate your life, and your business. He gives helpful advice about setting up a business that takes care of itself

L is for Liberation

  • This is probably the most fun chapter in the book. It takes about how to escape the office, take mini retirements and embrace the mobile lifestyle, and how to ‘add life after subtracting work’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it opened my mind to the possibilities of a mobile lifestyle. It was a timely reminder that life is to be lived now. I recommend this book to all those that have become disillusioned with our culture’s ideas of work and retirement.

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