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He was an actor? Really? That is news to me. Sounds like you just don’t want to admit that that the alt-right fake-newsers conned an alt-right gun nutter into acting as a vigilante.

Oh, I see. Because you can imagine that the gun nutter was an actor and not really a deluded gun nutter then that simply must be what happened here. So, what you’re saying is that since Bush/Cheney lied us into a war then Obama must have lied about ping-pong? So does that mean Obama is the same person as Dick Cheney? Cheney would shoot you in the face for saying such things…and afterward you would apologize to HIM.

My evidence that it was a fake news story crafted to smear Clinton is called “its obvious”. Who was the news story pointed at? Clinton. Acc’d to the fake news, Hillary was running a pedophile ring in the basement. So it was obviously aimed at Clinton. You did note that this was not a conspiracy theory about Trump, it was about Clinton. I guess you don’t see it as an attack on Clinton because you probably think it is a compliment that such a story was written, a compliment to make Clinton look better somehow? No, it was an attack on her and that was OBVIOUS.

It was defined as “fake news” because they don’t even have a basement. Non-fake news stories are FACTUAL. Fake news stories are propaganda designed to make someone look bad when they did not do the thing the propaganda claims. Do I have to define EVERYTHING to you? Are you at least five years old?

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