wow, just wow.
June Q. Doe

I see. So you’re advocating that I suffer a horrible and painful death. Gotcha. I was very popular when I was serving in the military. I was asked for by name from complete strangers and recommended by many who outranked me. Yes I was a private, but I had the attention of colonels.

Nobody wanted to friendly fire me, they considered me an asset and begged me to re-up. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Soldiers care about EACH OTHER not your stupid right-wing politics. I was in basic training with an immigrant who wanted more to be an American than the lazy-ass billionaire I was commenting to. He was more loyal to America as demonstrated by him putting his goddamn neck on the line, something you won’t see billionaires like John the TIB (who claims to have paid millions of dollars into the Medicare system which would take 100 years even for a billionaire to be taxed that much) do. John likes America because it has made him fabulously wealthy. The soldier in my basic training loves America because it is a safe place compared to where he came from. Any country could have made John the TIB fabulously wealthy, but not every country would have made my brother in arms safe.

And just so you civilian hot-shots have a clue what its like to REALLY be serving in uniform: we come from all backgrounds. We are all colors, we are all religions (I even met Satanists serving in uniform, and despite your assumption that soldiers are a bunch of neo-Nazis who kill each other over political differences, those folks got along with everyone else too). You have no damn clue what you’re talking about, armchair recruit.

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