This is why people in seminaries try and skip Numbers class, and the Book of Chronicles!
One Tongue Johnny

I think they skip Numbers because it contains the only story in the Bible that mentions abortion. It starts at Numbers 5:11. The gist is that there is a process for determining whether a wife has cheated. The way it works is her accusing husband takes her to the temple where the priest makes a potion out of holy water and the dust on the tabernacle floor and forces her to drink it. The potion is an abortion potion, but only if she’s been unfaithful. If the potion has no effect, the husband is told that he’s being paranoid and to quit hassling his wife. If the potion causes her to miscarry then that is considered proof of her infidelity. The baby? No real mention. Nobody cared. It was just a bunch of cells that nobody, including God himself, cared about.

People don’t read Numbers because they don’t want to know the truth.