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I think you’re overstating your case. And by accusing all legitimate criticism as “cop” behavior, you’re turning into a cop yourself.

For example, you claim that the ACLU is criticized for defending “free speech”. That is a misreading of the situation. The ACLU is being criticized for *prioritizing* the protection of the free speech of Nazis, even while many countless others are being denied bill of rights protections without the ACLU seeming to give a damn about it.

If you’re a black person who legally owns a gun, announces the presence of the gun in your vehicle to the cop and gets gunned down just for making the announcement that means your 2nd Amendment rights have been violated (while turning the 2A into a “white privilege” and not a “right”), the ACLU just doesn’t seem to give a damn. But if anyone dares to criticize a Nazi, the ACLU is right there enforcing that Nazis enjoy all the freedoms that they’re trying to destroy.