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I’m not Russia and I do not know for certain what their end-game is. You should ask Trump or one of the numerous right-wingers who is now in favor of Russia simply because they associate Putin and his oligarchy with Trump. I would guess that Putin wanted to disrupt our system because we are the world hegemon and he wants to be the world hegemon. Politics used to end at the edge of the border, but not in the era of Trump where we have Russia apologists like yourself carrying water for a former KGB agent. It is no accident that Soviet Russia and the republican party’s color is “red”. You want the same things: for your faction to dominate the country and to screw over everyone else. Why else would your party put up a “health care bill” whose primary component was a massive tax cut for the top 1%? NOW they’re going to “shift” to “tax reform”? Didn’t they already try giving away $1 trillion/year to the richest 400 Americans? Didn’t that fail miserably? Won’t it just fail again? People don’t believe conservative lies anymore. Nobody thinks your “free hand” of the marketplace is anything but a pickpocket.

Your bluster is just covering up for weak arguments.

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