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Me: “Never has Russia been our ally.”

You: “Russia has never done a good thing for the Western world?”

I didn’t say that. I said they are not our ally. They are a belligerent country trying to take down our country. Much like the Confederacy which conservatives still adore. No matter what, if some other country attacks America you can count on conservatives to be on that other country’s side. Even in the Revolutionary War: the conservatives were called “Tories” because the “Tory” party is the most conservative, king’s ring kissing party in the United Kingdom. And the conservatives in America during the revolution sided with the Brits. If a country attacks America, you can pretty much count on conservatives giving them support. Even in WW2 there was the “America First” movement, a bunch of Nazis. Just like Trump and his “America First” movement, which is also full of Nazis.

When conservatives complain about immigrants, saying they’ll never “assimilate” I ask them when the Confederates are going to “assimilate” and stop flying the flag of a country who attacked us in cold blood without so much as a declaration of war.

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