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Middle class wealth destroyed in the Obama Admin? Are you out of your mind? The great recession started in late 2006. In case you were unaware, YOUR party was in charge then. You had complete control of all branches of government but you want to blame OBAMA for the crisis on your watch? Of course you do. You don’t care about truth, you just want to push your partisanship as far as you can push it.

Trump is ABSOLUTELY divisive. He’s a crotch-grabber, a tax-cheat, a collaborator with Vladamir Effing PUTIN, an obvious racist (to all of us who aren’t racists, that is) and he isn’t helping ANY Americans other than those in the top 1%. You might THINK he is “helping your” by building a racist wall to keep the brown people out but he is not. He laughs at you because you’re a deluded sucker who would vote for him even if he shot Mueller on 6th Street.

And no, not everybody is a racist. Not even all republicans are racists. But those who advocate for putting up walls ARE. Those who claim that the most IMPORTANT problem we have to solve is racism; meanwhile the top 1% is hiding its profits in offshore accounts. If you truly cared about justice, as you claim, you’d care more about corporate big-shots running off with EVERY PENNY instead of falling for their stupid race-blaming of all problems on people with brown skin. If you truly wanted less immigration instead of just to hate on Latinx, you would advocate for us FIXING the problems we created in that region of the world so that the residents there would just stay home and enjoy their country instead of seeking refuge in ours. Do you know the #1 reason why Mexico is a dangerous place? Because of your republican “war on drugs”. People are DYING there because of this, they’re being cut up into tiny pieces….all so you can have your glorious war on sick people. And you dare to call anyone else “hateful”. You’re that “accusatory” one, you accuse brown people whom you label “illegal” of destroying our country. If you want to know what happened to our country, start with Reagan and his policies. We’d still have plenty decent jobs if we still had unions. But Reagan started the process of getting rid of our first amendment right to freedom of association and also started the process of shipping all our jobs overseas. Look in the damn mirror before you go around accusing others of being stupid or hateful.

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