You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Please feel free to list all the ways in which a man in the United States has legal rights a woman doesn’t. How about custody rights? Nope, women are clearly favored in any custodial decisions unless they are demonstrably harmful to their children. Prison sentencing? Oops, nope. Women serve far less prison time for the same offenses as men, if they serve any time at all. Equal pay? Your credibility takes a huge hit when you trot out that canard. It’s been debunked a thousand, thousand times, but you still cling to it like a life preserver. As if a company that could get away with paying it’s workers 77 cents on the dollar wouldn’t hire exclusively women. You find me the woman doing the same job, with the same credentials and tenure not getting paid the same as a male coworker, and I’ll show you a big, fat lawsuit waiting to happen. Because that’s illegal. Love how you can complain about the phony wage gap and in the same breath argue for 3 or 4 YEARS of maternity leave as if that has no bearing on lifetime earnings. Cognitive dissonance much? College graduate rates? Women have a healthy lead there. Preferential hiring practices? Looked at the STEM fields lately? They’re tripping over themselves incentivizing the hiring of women. They’re practically begging for women. Domestic abuse? Who gets arrested as standard procedure on any domestic call, even if the woman is the one physically assaulting their partner? Even if it’s the man who called the authorities? Who has thousands of shelters for victims of domestic abuse and who has none? Who faces more societal backlash for coming forward as a victim of rape? (Yes, men get raped, too) If women in the U.S. are afraid to walk a street at night, it’s because of the fear-mongering of third wave feminism spewing hysterical, and just flat out wrong, statistics like 1 in 4 women will be assaulted in college. You speak of women in the past fighting for the right to vote, to work, for equal pay as if it’s a fight you’re continuing when you’ve already won all of those things. You’re trying to vindicate your existence by latching on to those who’ve already done the hard work. Virtuosity by association. You use bogus statistics and debunked rhetoric because it’s all you have left. Face the facts. Feminism achieved it’s goals, but you have to continue acting like it hasn’t, or you’ll lose your protected status and political clout. It’s time you stop pretending this has anything to do with equality and just admit that it’s about preferential treatment and being a privileged, protected class in the eyes of the law.

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