Two Different Celebrities, One Social Platform

(Communications 201 Final Project)

As we know, all celebrities have a different way of communicating through social media platforms and different ways of presenting themselves. Some are fan oriented, and some are good at advertising their own and others’ products. Here, we’ll analyze two different celebrities who started their own Twitter at the same time, but are from different music worlds and have a different amount of followers.

As we can see, this celebrity is Brendon Urie, a musician from the band “Panic! at the Disco”, formed in 2005. Urie made his Twitter in 2009, and has 921k followers. Many of his Tweets have to do with his fans, and some do in fact promote the bands’ music.

Here, Urie is showing his fans one fan’s dedication to doing makeup the same way Urie was made up for a recent music video.
This photo shows Urie supporting an ex band mate but still good friend, Spencer Smith with his departure from “Panic! at the Disco” after ten years due to addiction issues.
Lastly for Urie, this post is showing how he’s promoting one of his latest songs, and how thankful he is for his fans.

Michael Buble is a Canadian-born musician who is known for bringing back a jazzy feel to his music. He also made a Twitter in 2009, but has 2.32 million followers, where Urie only has around 900k followers. Buble’s tweets seem to be more aimed at advertising for products and his music.

But, Buble can post the occasional soft-spot tweets for his family.

Now, what are the differences between these two celebrities? Buble has been around for quite a while, and so has Brendon Urie (about 10 years), and both have been on Twitter for 6 years, but have a drastic follower difference. Why is this? Buble’s music is more well known then Urie’s because it’s more of what the mainstream people want. Looking at both of their Twitter’s, Urie seems to care more about his fans, posting many photos of their fan art and reaching out to them. Buble is much less of a person that reaches out to fans. Even looking at concert tickets, Panic! at the Disco’s cheapest tickets are about $50.00, and Buble’s cheapest are $160.00. Both of thee men are celebrities that have been around for the same time, but I think why they differ so much is because they both have different music, and they endorse different things.