. Since The Donald, that misogynistic cretin who struts and poses like a latter day Mussolini, ventured onto the national stage, I’ve been wondering just how he ‘earned his spurs’. Of course I’m referring to the media tales that the younger Donald was exempted from the draft by a case of ‘bone spurs’ in his heels. Like every other veteran of the Vietnam war, I look askance at such claims.

. Prior to the election of ‘W’, the media had a field day wondering if his service in the National Guard was a thinly disguised dodge of the draft. Careers were broken over that exercise in investigative reporting, why no similar examination of Trumps claims of bone spurs? A simple copy of the X-rays will provide the proof that his story is true.

. I have no expertise in medical matters but when considering the evasions that this pompous twit regularly employs, I don’t expect my lone voice will get anything like a response from him. Are all the prominent Doctors that shill for the different miracle drugs that populate the media so busy that they can’t comment on the veracity of such claims. Where are the Doctors and reporters hiding. Are they afraid of the power of this windbag? I’m not! I’d love to give this bully a right hand punch to one of those quivering chins.

John G. Jerdon

Earleville, Md.

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