“Who are L.A. County’s homeless?” Feedback

Right off the bat the multimedia piece, “Who are L.A County’s homeless?”, by John Schleuss and Lorena Elebee, caught my eye and kept me wanting to read more. In the piece the authors disscussed the number of homeless in various LA regions and provided insight on the demogrpahics of the homeless population.The piece was not only was artistically appealing, but very informative in a way that was clear and concise. It brought a realistic perspective to the topic of homelessness in LA that made me feel I was apart of the story.

Typically, as a reader, I can get lost in what seems like a sea of text. For this piece, I did not bombarded by information. The use of the white colored text in contrast with the dark gray background made the text stand out. The color choice also appealed to me emotionally. Homelessness can be a very dark, heavy topic, and I felt the use of the darker color played into that somber tone.

The sectioning of the text representing the demographics also made the information very clear and concise. I was able to get a depiction of who made up the homeless population without the extra fluff that can often be overwhelming. The graphics in combition with the text, not only was appealing to the eye, but brought visuals to the information stated to the text. I like how the outline of the people are in different colors in order to highlight the different groups. One of my favorite aspects was having the interactive map as you scrolled down the text because it made me feel as if I was traveling the city of LA to learn about the issue.

Overall, I believe this piece represents a great use of multimedia. The entire piece was readable and enjoyable. I appreciate how it educates readers about the specifics of homelessness in a way that is not overwhelming or confusing. My only critique of the piece is that I beleive it lacks the emotional and personal touch of the impact of story. With the use of graphics, human faces and voices are lost, which made the piece have a very monotone or report-like feel. Regardless, I loved the designed of the piece and left feeling that I am informed about LA homelessness.

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