Launch School — The First Four Lessons

Launch School is a rigorous program for learning software development, focusing on knowledge depth and mastery as opposed to the intensity of a coding bootcamp.

I’m getting close to completing the first set of lessons. The section consists of building simple programs (like Tic Tac Toe and 21), along with dozens of exercises and small problems of varying complexity.

These exercises focus on Ruby syntax and problem solving, from a simple method that repeats text a set number of times to rotating matrices and recursion.

While the exercises on their own were helpful, one of the greatest benefits was being able to see how other students solved specific problems. Students come to Launch School from a variety of backgrounds, some with no previous programming experience and some with years of professional experience.

From different approaches, to specific method implementations like #inject or #map#with_index, I’ve seen how problems can be solved in many different ways.

That said, because I work in relative isolation, it will be difficult to know my skill level until I take the first assessment. Each new level of complexity requires an even deeper understanding of fundamentals, and these assessments are fantastic checkpoints to see if I’m ready to keep moving forward.