Now, I don’t know you and can only gather a small amount of info from the things you have said so…
Robert Lopez

I’m not going to play along with this Robert.

I appreciate your sympathies for her, and I share in them, but I’m not sure what side you are trying to come down on here. You say you weren’t judging me or rescuing her, and then from your tone and use of capitalization, double down on exactly those things. I said nothing that contradicts what you are saying about her ownership of what she writes, or that it can be cathartic and healing or that it should be.

As for your point about compensation, it affirms my point about Bentham’s Utilitarianism, whose goal is exactly what you say — compensation, and, with it comes the issues I was raising concerns about. Please, before needlessly lambasting me any further, read a bit about it and consider where I’m coming from.

My only “criticism” if you insist on calling it such, was more of a warning to heed an easily overlooked pitfall of such a way of thinking, hence my reference to Bentham’s Utilitarianism. Maybe my abstraction of things away is distasteful in your eyes, but for me it’s a way of trying to look deeper into things and not falling for the shallow pretext of emotionalism. I don’t think it helps her at all and probably demeans her situation more than anything.

Certainly she can decide for herself wether or not to take offence to my remarks or instead read them as intended without needing you to intervene in a perceived slight. Is there no place on the internet where we can engage in intelligent conversation without resorting to emotional reasoning?

As for war veterans, my original point is all the more relevant, because the utilitarian model of assigning dollar values to human lives is used all the time when deciding wether or not to send soldiers to their death as a cost calculation.

No, I would not deny them their compensation, but even more so, I would rather deny those sending them into harm’s way the luxury of treating their lives as justifiable expenses on a balance sheet.

My comment about not being tone deaf was directed more at the other person. I just didn’t write it in a separate post. I thought you would have figured that out, but your comment seemed to share the same sentiment, so I felt it still applied.

That said, I’ll appreciate it if you would calm down and take a more respectful, less aggressive tone with me in this discussion.

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