INDIE GAMING (Announcement)

I wrote a Book — yes, a full-fledged book.

A real book.

(You read it right the first time!)

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INDIE GAMING is a culmination of all the years and love I have for video games and the video game industry. When I was first told that I would have the opportunity to write a book back in September, 2016 I was beyond excited — it was my opportunity to take my passion for videos games to the next level. INDIE GAMING is my FIRST Book — whether I continue to write on video games or expand into different personal passions of mine in the near feature (or long-term), I don’t know.

What I can say is that writing MY book has been an incredibly rewarding, reflective process. The mentors and relationships that have come out of this work have set me on a path that I never would have anticipated. Now, my professor/mentor/best friend has me working on some pretty amazing stuff for this summer and the year to come.


I’ve never known what I wanted to be when I grew up. And in many ways, I still don’t, but I quite frankly don’t care.

What I do know is this:
1) No matter what, I want to work on AWESOME Projects
2) Refer back to #1
3) I Want to Constantly Keep Learning New Things
4) A Challenge is a Goal that I Have NOT Accomplished (yet!)
And 5) Everything Worth Doing Takes Effort (like writing a book)

As a Junior at Georgetown University, at times feel I can easily feel overwhelmed with everything I have going on (#WorkaholicAndProud), I can’t help but revel in the victories that come my way. TODAY, is one of those days.

I am proud to announce that my name is Brian Bies, and I am the Author of — Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games

My goal is to be a Bestseller for my Book by Launch (April 25th), and I need your help to do that!

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