10Eighteen 1st Anniversary Celebration Nov 25!

The sound of milk frothing, shots being pulled, and friends laughing. The smell of fresh roasted beans. The site of people reading, writing, and discussing. The tangible, palpable feeling in the air that only a community of people can bring.

There’s something unique about this place. Something special; while it’s hard to put my finger on precisely what it is, there is this undeniable feeling it’s not like any of the other coffee spots in London.

In 10Eighteens’s first-year of operations, I come to realize there’s five things I really love about the place:

  • Fresh roasted, fresh ground, high quality coffee.
  • Friendly baristas/owners with the right equipment who excel at their craft.
  • An environment that encourages creation and consumption.
  • Ambiance & Identity.
  • Integration with the community.

If you can’t already tell, 10Eighteen is by far one of my favourite places to hang out in London, ON. If you haven’t already been, It is an independently owned and operated cafe in the heart of Old East Village (OEV) run by Katie and Kirby. They have something for everyone, including made in-house or sourced in Ontario food, craft beer and wine!

This weekend marks their one year anniversary and they’re celebrating this milestone by having a HUGE BASH. The fun runs all day Saturday (Nov. 25th) with coffee specials, a vendor pop up shop and live music at night.

See the full schedule of events below!

  • Coffee Specials 7am-4pm
  • Vendor Pop Up Shop 12–4pm
  • Live Music 6–10pm

Vendors include:
Purdy Natural 
Lunah Life 
Haven’s Creamery
Here For Her 
the wolf and the hawk incense 
Booch Organic Kombucha 
The Pristine Olive Tasting 
tinyelephant jewelry 
Back to the Fuchsia 
The Harvest Pantry

Local OEV talent of Fraser Teeple kicks off the live music portion at 6pm!

Live music curated by Forest City Records

Hope to see you there!

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