The Value In Instagram Takeovers

Pitching “ideas” is one of my favourite things to do, even though sometimes, others don’t get it or don’t see the value in the idea you bring forward. To be honest, at times that’s one of the most frustrating things, but as I like to say, “don’t waste your time selling to those that can’t be sold.”

Instagram Stories have been around for a while now, but a lot of businesses haven’t been using Instagram all that long or are just starting out there. So when I was asked to come up with a unique way to leverage Instagram for a small business, I was eager to share an idea that I feel is one of the most beneficial, from a marketing perspective – account takeovers.

If you don’t know what a takeover is, it’s essentially a collaboration where two Instagram users are featured on each other’s stories. Different from a collaboration on Snapchat (where you needed to log in to the other person’s account), all you have to do is send the host account a photo or 10-second video for them to upload themselves. These takeovers are not only fun, but are also a great example of a partnership that’s mutually beneficial.

Think about it like this: A takeover is the same as getting a cool guest on your podcast, YouTube show, or even like posting a selfie with a celebrity. When someone with influence shows up in your account or environment, there’s insinuation for endorsement.

It’s the modern day equivalent of guest appearances on rap albums. If you’re an up-and-coming artist and Drake shows up one of your tracks, it’s viewed as a seal of approval from Drake.

Whether you have an account as a business, an influencer, or just a personal account, all takeover participants win. For the person that’s hosting the takeover, it’s just awesome. You get someone who can bring extra value to your audience. Even if you’re just starting out on the platform, there’s a feeling that you’re being blessed or vouched for by that person.

For the person doing the takeover, there’s also a high endorsement value. Takeovers are another way in accessing new demographics. It’s easy because you can draw off of an audience that another account has already built up.

For example, if you’re a freelance makeup artist and you have a friend that’s a wedding planner, you can show off your makeup artistry on her account. All her potential clients (who you are probably also interested in your services) can view your work too. On the other hand, the people who follow her for her wedding planning tips get the added value of your expertise in makeup.

I was excited to see where this business could take this. Even after showing them numerous examples, they just couldn’t see the value. But, I stick to my guns – I see a lot of potential in such a 50/50 value exchange, because it’s an easy way to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

There’s a ton of value in doing takeovers. If I were running your business, I’d consider at least one day a week collaborating on them.

I predict they’ll regret not doing it.

There’s reasons to be excited about this whether you’re doing a takeover on an account that has thousands of followers or even just a few. If it’s the right audience and you can add value, depth is all that matters.

At it’s core, the behaviour behind Instagram Story takeovers is about deepening relationships, gaining exposure, hacking distribution, and raising awareness. And, the reason why they work is simply, because it’s a true win-win. That’s why they’re great – it’s all about the value exchange.

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