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Beatles Songs If the Beatles Were Emotionally Distant and Just Not Looking for Something Serious Right Now

“All You Need is Friends”

“Like Me Do”

“Can’t Buy Me Pals”

“Maybe It’s You”

“Eight Days a Month”

“And I Like Her”

“All My Friendship”

“When I’m Sixty-Four, If I Haven’t Found Anybody Else By Then”

“Michelle, My Pal”

“Pass Me By”

“Got to Get You Into My Life But Not in a Weird Way”

“I Want to Hold Your Hand and Make Out But That’s All”

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Whatever This Is Away”

“With a Little Help From My Friends of Which You Are One”

“I Saw Her Standing There and Continued On About My Day”

“Why Don’t We Hang Out in the Road?”

“I Feel Fine”

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