Your Thanksgiving Decoration Checklist

The big day is only a few days away! Guests will be there soon, and you want the house to look as festive as possible for Turkey Day. With all the chaos of shopping, cooking, and preparing, here’s a list you can print out and check off as you finish putting up these classic Thanksgiving decorations.

Fill the mailbox with mashed potatoes.

Staple last year’s turkey carcass to the hearth.

Hide each individual cranberry around the house and yard.

Put a box of Stove Top in the hallway for people to kiss on top of.

Hire a pilgrim to stand sentry.

Cover every inch of carpet with a thick layer of wet leaves.

Put pilgrim-style buckles on every chair in the house.

Place a can of cranberry sauce on the counter of every bathroom.

Write down the 1,000 things you’re thankful for onto the Grand Family Scroll. Tear off each individual item, burn them, add a little water to the ashes, and paint the silhouette of a turkey on the garage door.

Hang the pies.

Put up the gravy tree.

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