How To Make Money With Parking

This is a sensitive issue for most businesses when it comes to parking revenue operations. It touches around the parking system POS and/or your parking lot POS. Most businesses do not realize that this system doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to understand at all. Your parking lot POS or parking system POS can actually be the easiest to manage and use effectively and still have all the necessary or important functions, ensure proper parking rates are charged, and have full auditing for the cashier’s shift.

In case you’re seeking out more information on what else to expect with a parking system POS or a parking lot POS then see below:

-Message Center that includes barrier gate interface allows for automatic gate open upon paid transaction.

-Configurable to be able to allow pre-paid event parking, pay on entrance, or print entry ticket on entrance.

-Optional exit ticket printer (when Cashier is not in Exit Lane).

-System includes integrated touch screen LCD, USB ticket scanner, cash drawer, keyboard, mouse, thermal printer (single roll), credit/debit card processing, plus outdoor weather proof fee display.

-Optional second cash drawer that allows multiple cashiers to work on same station during breaks

Once most of these are available then you should have a wonderful experience in regards to parking lot revenue operations

Always go for a parking lot POS or a parking system POS that enhances your parking operations instead of making it a headache. Another important attribute to look out for is its ease to train new staff because a difficult system makes such processes longer and time consuming. Also be keen to look out for a system that allows full-featured rate structures, discounts, validations, coupons, re-rate options, plus add service or inventory items (such as car wash) with tax included or excluded, etc., to better your experience as a user.