Parking Revenue Guide

Mar 3, 2015 · 2 min read

Here are some of the benefits of parking revenue systems:

1. Increased Revenue

Obviously as its main purpose. You will receive revenue from the parking revenue systems which can be as a way to recover the costs of implementation or as something extra for other uses or maintenance.

2. Improved Accessibility

Whether it’s pay stations or gates, smart parking with the use of parking revenue systems aids in improving accessibility in and out of the facility which also reduces congestion. This also improves motorist experience because they get guidance and security in exchange for their coins which is a fair trade.

3. Better Infrastructure Usage

By implementing such systems you actually increase the efficiency of your parking lot space usage. What could have stored 100 cars without a parking system may store 130+ at a time with the systems installed.

Just visit your local parking systems and equipment supplier and discuss with them about your needs and you’ll be surprised on how affordable, sophisticated and simple it can be.

Parking revenue systems have emerged and indeed been a new wave taking over the US and international parking lots. More recently, airports, mass transit, and corporate campuses are also turning to smart parking technology to better manage their parking assets.

To be able to understand parking revenue systems we must understand smart parking which refers to the use of sensing devices to determine occupancy at the space level or at the lot/structure level. Sensing devices can refer to cameras, counting equipment like gates at the entrance of a lot, or sensors that are embedded into the pavement of individual parking spaces, to name a few. Usually it is used to determine the parking space whether it is occupied or full or even in most cases which exact parking spot is open.

Parking revenue systems now help you be able to collect money in exchange for the parking space and all other benefits offered by the parking system or smart system. There are various ways and types a building or premises can use to collect whilst using the parking revenue systems which can be highly beneficial.


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