How Brian? How not an ounce of ill will? I will take your advice…
Lara Leigh

Hi Lara, just read your story and I’m sorry to hear about all you’ve gone through. Just remember, you’re not her and you’re not your past either. I can say I hold not an ounce of ill will but it’s also easier for me, being I grew up in the other parent’s household. From a young age, I got used to only one of them being around. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have anger issues growing up though because I did and my bet is 9 out of 10 therapists would tell me that’s where it stems from.

I simply love her from a distance and don’t allow her behavior or nonsense to manipulate my actions or feelings. I see things for what they are and thankfully my Mother has always tried her best to love me, never a mean word or any kind of abuse — which makes my story different from so many others and for that I’m grateful.

Thanks for reading and for sharing your story, Keep writing down how you feel.