10 Years of iPhone — A Developer’s Perspective
Adrian Kosmaczewski

The iPhone is a tool, not a replacement to happiness. It is not entirely original, it is not God, it is not the greatest device out there … It is barely reasonably priced. It doesn’t do everything; in fact, it doesn’t do much, although it does a lot—and you know what I mean.

At the end of the day—it is a tool. All these narcissists worshipping the device, waiting in line to buy the next line, showing it off like it makes them more important, etc. are being vain.

As for Objective C, the language is pretty terrible, and I’ve been programming for 20 years since I was a kid. Objective C is an atrocious language to code in, which is no surprise because it’s derived from the old NS, but alas you can get things to happen.

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