General Luna Critique Paper
Heneral Luna wanted to open the eyes of the Filipinoes about one of the most heroic thing that happened in history. Heneral Luna is one of the best film that shows; Filipinoes are willing to risk or sacrifice their life, for the sake of a loved one, or something that is worth fighting for. The film contains messages that needs to be remembered by any Filipino citizen. Heneral Luna states that we need to respect and always follow the laws given by powerful people. The director only wanted to make the Filipinoes become united,disciplined and respectful.

It is very engaging because the film is encouraging filipinos to be brave like the General. The problem now is Filipinoes are not brave enough compared to the Filipinoes in the year 1900's, that's why our society is functioning very well and our Government is corrupt, which results that Filipinoes are blaming the politics because of the poor service of our country. If we have enough courage, we can fix this country's society and make equality to the Government so that we can have a better country than usual.For me, the function of art in the film is the General's attitude which is brave and loyal. That is art for me beacuse I can feel the way of how he treats his comrades with respect and courage, unlike other people who hated him because of his arrogance, I know his good deeds can somehow become an art and inspiration for some people.
I experienced fear when they tried to killed Heneral Luna but, I also saw Luna's pride to the country when the soldier wounded Heneral Luna in the face then the other soldiers shot and sliced him, in the end they shot him in the head twice.
He represents the Heroism of General Luna to the audience, he also tried to make sure that the Filipinoes are aware of our history. The way Joven narrates the story, the words that is coming out through his mouth came from his heart.

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