Why we decided to build Hubble

Almost seven months ago, my co-founders and I joined forces to build our company, filled with creative passion and enthusiasm. As we were going through the continuous process of building and launching, we repeatedly encountered a common problem that many product makers empathize with: Getting high quality product feedback from users is difficult. This post provides some background on why we believe that this problem is meaningful, and how we are planning to build Hubble as a solution.

Regardless of what stage they are in, product teams need to pay close attention to what users want, ensuring that what gets shipped brings value to their users and makes a positive contribution to their business goals. As a result, product-led organizations that are able to minimize the time it takes to effectively iterate on the constant cycle of gathering user feedback, identifying the user’s needs and shipping new features, are the ones that will succeed over the long run. User research is therefore an inextricable foundation in product building that lets teams iterate with precision based on what users are saying, minimizing errors as the product roadmap gets crystalized and engineers start coding away.

Examples of products used during the different stages of product development

Despite its importance and value, the current state of the user research market presents several interesting rooms for improvement and ripe opportunities for disruption. Here are some key observations that our team experienced firsthand as we were building products for our users:

Our team decided to devote some time and speak with acquaintances within our professional network to dig deeper into these observations. After speaking with many product managers and designers from early stage startups as well as large enterprises, we realized that many of them have encountered similar pains and resonate deeply with the inefficiencies related to collecting user feedback. Many professionals also agreed with our core hypothesis that if given the opportunity, gathering feedback from real users of the product would be more beneficial versus from external testers. Such input from the market gave us stronger confidence that there is an opportunity to create a next-generation user research tool that allows teams to gather continuous feedback from their users.

Hubble’s core mission is to build a continuous user feedback tool for product teams

Hubble is a product feedback platform built for continuous real-time feedback across all stages, ranging from ideation, development and improvement. Our team believes that the concept of a “final product” will increasingly become obsolete, as every product-led organization will have to continuously improve and morph their product to unlock growth and ultimately become a winner in the market. Even for post-product market fit teams, the power of experimenting and reinventing will be a core competency that lets them win over their competitors as their company matures.

User feedback experience (tester’s view) on a web product
Creating a test group of real users for a study

Here are several core features that we are building to solve the problems noted above:

Survey creation experience for a mobile iOS prototype

Our team is looking forward to an exciting future where product teams of any size can easily and effectively collect product feedback from their users across all stages of product development. We believe that as more digital products get built in the future, the channels of communication between active users and product teams will only become more transparent and the amount of time, effort and capital it takes to build great products will be reduced to a minimum.

If you want to partake in this exciting journey, or have any questions or comments about Hubble, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello@hubble.team or visit www.hubble.team for some additional information. My team and I are looking forward to helping you and your team build amazing products through Hubble.



Helping product teams gather user feedback across all stages

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