B babysits in Whitby

Date #815 — Thursday, March 17th, 2016

A: Hehehehehehehe I love when B goes to spend time with the baby! It makes me happy and confident and less scared to use my body to grown one of our own and it also gives us practice. Not to mention that this little kid is AMAZING (and yes we’re biased but CJ is the best!).

I love the responsibility B takes on so willingly. B really is a true gem. A great Bibi!

B: I went to my parents house to watch my Sister’s 4 month old baby. A really wanted to come but couldn’t. It’s so awesome how much she loves the child.

When the baby was born we picked gender-neutral terms for the typically gendered “Aunt” + “Uncle”. I picked “Bibi” and A picked “Zizi”. My Sister and her partner totally accepted A as a “Zizi” and fully trust their child with A.

I really like this. I like how A and I really both share such compassion and sense of responsibility for this little life. It’s also bringing up a lot more parenting talks, which I think is great practise…

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