Thanks for asking this :) I know it’s taken me a long time to respond to this question and that’s really because I was still figuring out the answer for myself.

I first wrote that my preferred pronoun is “they” after reading about gender identities and gender stereotypes. Something clicked inside when I read about people being non-binary. The pronoun “they” seemed to fit with my ideals.

While being born male I’ve never totally felt like a “boy” or a “man”. I’ve also felt, at times, that I identify more with girls and women. The thing I feel most though is that I’m not in either of those camps.

Like most things I believe gender is a spectrum. I think that it is entirely possible that gender is totally a social construct and actually has nothing to do with our sex. I’m still figuring all that out though…what I think is important is remembering we are all individuals who are unique and special.

What I also know is that when I refer to myself as a person and I acknowledge I don’t identify as being a man or woman, it feels right. I feel more…me.

I think by you asking this question it really pushed me to think a lot about this topic. For that I am so grateful for your question. I’ve tried to be as open and honest in answering. I’ve never written about this before and…well…I’m happy you asked :)

- B

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