Holiday Prep and Shopping

Date #760 — Saturday, December 19th, 2015

B: After seeing Star Wars it became a swift reality that Christmas would soon be upon us. We spent the day opening up cards sent from friends and running some last errands.

Visiting the mall allowed a quick encounter with Santa, which was totally awesome. Santa was so kind and didn’t give us any weird looks when we asked if we could take a photo. I love how A’s open spirit about Christmas has re-awakened mine.

I was so touched with the cards we received. Some were from A’s friends but also addressed to me, which I thought was super-sweet.

A then left to spend the day with a friend so I had the place to myself to spend some quality “me” time.

A: MALL SANTAS ARE THE BEST. Actually, no, they’re not all the best. But this one was awesome. We walked through this totally decrepit mall to pick up wine and cat food and they had a little Santa hut set up. I was honestly sad to see that Santa wasn’t there and I thought, “Will it, and he’ll show up.” It was so funny to me when we saw him and a little child dressed as an elf wandering the mall saying “Ho Ho Ho” really loudly. He was a believable Santa! He must have went to Santa school. I was so excited to get our photo. Little things like this make me the happiest in the world. The fact that B is all for it, too, is the best. You know when you’re with someone and you’re like, “Oh my gosh!!! Look!!” and you get all excited and the person you’re with is like, “Meh,” or, “We’re in a rush,” or they give you a weird look? Nuh uh. None of that here!! It’s a Christmas miracle!

It really is important to enjoy the little things in life because life is really hard already. It’s a much lovelier life when you take the good moments and make them great.

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