Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Premiere

Date #758 — Thursday, December 17th, 2015

B: After months and years of waiting, the day finally arrived…Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I bought our tickets the day they came out, getting some of the last few to see it in UltraAVX 3D.

The entire Scotiabank Theatre (the massive downtown theatre) was converted to Star Wars. All the posters were changed, there were large cardboard stands, and even a BB-8 replica!! People were in costumes, there were lightsabers, the place was buzzing. We took our seats, put on our glasses, and got ready…

At the first sonic blast of the Star Wars fanfare, when the words came on the screen, everyone burst into applause. My heart lept into my throat. And then we all started booing loudly. The 3D projection was off!! And then it was fixed and we cheered again. We cheered for the return of old ships and old characters. We laughed and cringed along with the new ones. And we all rooted for Rae and Fin in so many amazing ways.

It all felt so right. The movie hit so many key points, it raised so many of the amazing themes of Star Wars, and it was so full of life and joy. I was so happy to share it with A. I could hear her laughing when I squeezed her hand with excitement and bounced in my seat. After, when she eagerly wanted to go again, more than even I did, I felt like I learned something completely new about her. I actually hoped her Dad enjoyed the film too, I thought, “this is something they could share.”

A: This morning I forgot to look at our advent calendar adventure so B sent me a photo. I laughed. “AMBITIOUS!” I thought. I knew we both had a holiday lunch at work so I thought that was a coincidental equivalent to sharing drinks or food with people you don’t normally do that with. I’ll take it!

After work we met in Kensington to pick up a gift for B’s sister and then went to the movie theatre to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. B bought our tickets MONTHS ago. In October, actually. I remember because we were in Vancouver. Anyways, I am floored by this episode. It was amazing. A thrill with comedy; a throwback to all the elements fans fell in love with. This was the perfect beginning to the new trilogy. It did everything perfectly, in a way that satisfied the thirst for story, character, and revival, and in a way that allows everyone to move forward onto new adventures. I’ve been dreaming about seeing it again. I think we’re going to go over the holidays. I seriously cannot wait. After Empire, this must be my favourite episode. Ranked: Empire, Force Awakens, New Hope, Return of the Jedi, then episode 3, 1, 2. That second episode. Ow. My heart.

On the way home we biked past a beautifully festive house! A person was in the front window who said hello to us while I took a photo. B said he liked their lights and they said thank you and as we rode off B goes, “Happy holidays!” and the person says, “Yep!” It was funny. You would think a house like this would be occupied by some super cheery holiday Houdini! :P

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