Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself
Stewart Alsop

I know this is an old post. But I can see why Tesla makes a big deal about safety. (For the record, we bought a competing product, so I’m not a Tesla fanboy.) EVs are haunted by misperceptions about the category perpetuated by the Koch Brothers and the likes of Fox News. They want to paint EVs as slow, ugly, low range, slow charging, bursting into flames, looking like experiments, uncomfortable, and unsafe. Tesla has done a great job taking apart many of those false images. Ludicrous Mode is juvenile, to be sure, but it shows that EVs aren’t roller skates that can’t go fast as FOX News called them. They’re safety tests speak for themselves for the most part. Tesla’s Superchargers speak to charging speed and the ability to drive long-range. I think since the SUV market it often aimed at families with kids, they were positioning the car as a great family car… safe.

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