Lewis and Clark Corps at the three forks of the Missouri River by Edgar S. Paxon

Learning to appreciate the Journey…

Not just the Destination

Working has meant many different things to people. Whether you enjoy staying up all night to complete a project or working on many different micro projects in order to fill your work week up, fill your pockets, or just to keep yourself busy so you can tell the world that you are busy.

But if there’s one thing we can agree on, is that work — be it on the recruiting aspects to get a job, the working the job, all tends to focus on a destination of sorts and not the enjoyment of the journey itself. A very small percentage of people are happy to go with out plans, apply for a job or change careers with no idea how long they’ll stay in that career or where it will lead them.

If we could take photo’s of our journey, it may catch your eye and entice more people to hear your about your journey, and thus convince more to take the journey. For now, you know that you simple must go there.

But no matter what job you go to, and what you plan to do when you get there, it’s important to keep this attitude in mind in order to make your next career/job more meaningful, enjoyable and memorable:

It’s the journey that matters in the end.

The truth is that things go wrong in life. Your plans are disrupted, opportunities can be missed, careers are delayed… and so on and so forth. However, is it really that bad? You’ve got to remind yourself to always keep in mind that it could be worse. It could always be worse.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end

I’m mot sure how this employment journey for me will end, and how losing a job that working with people I loved will make me a happier person, but it has. I’m not sure why I see the world in a different, more positive and optimistic way, but I do. I’m not sure what act of kindness or otherwise made me feel differeing in someway and switched my understanding of the world, but something did. I am not sure when the change happened inside of me, but it did. It wasn’t the job, or the new job I might obtain, a new set of friends… no, I think it was the journey. Because it’s not a how, why, what or when…

It’s the journey that matters in the end.