Macbook pro 2017 version — keyboard problems… oh why

I know there already exists several articles on this ad nauseum, but this is just my own story.

So a spanking new macbook pro, 2017 version. The model I have been waiting out for so long. This model finally has bit more hardware improvements like processor, memory, etc.

I used to own one of those old white macbook models, I managed to extend its life by replacing spoilt parts for so long, that Apple support told me that its considered “vintage”, another way of telling me that nada… no more further support possible, ever.

Changing to the new MBP was a relief and the time was ripe. My old machine could not run an increasing number of applications, and was starting to frustrate me with enough broken parts. Ordering online and obtaining it from the physical store in Orchard Road Singapore was a breeze. Staff was friendly and basically no hiccups. You get to unbox the perfect fitting white box housing your new MBP in the comfort of the 2nd story loft overlooking Orchard Road, our popular shopping district.

Being a former mac user, there was little to complain about. Product was perfect, applications were familiar, screen was great. (Other than the fact that Bootcamp needed the newest Microsoft windows 10 to install which was a downer since I had an older version, and which I have still not gotten around to install via alternate methods).


It was after some weeks that I noticed a peculiar behaviour. Entering forms or credit card numbers seemed to have duplicate key entries — meaning keys got repeated even when pressed once. At first I thought it was the internet browser, but changing to alternatives did not resolve this irritating behaviour. Playing around with the keyboard settings in system preferences also did not resolve it.

Time for apple support

Giving a call to Apple support, and the friendly western voice comes onto the phone, “hello what can I help you with today?” (well its still less common to get western voices on support lines here).

Explaining the issue to support, and he said “Sir, there may be some dirt stuck between or beneath the keys that you may want to clean out”. “My macbook pro is NEW”, I replied indignantly, slightly annoyed at being implied of being tardy and eating while using my lovely new machine.

Well I already did some research, and I know that this keyboard issue already started in 2016 with the new butterfly keys. Why don’t he just own up and do the necessary, instead of asking me to perform a SMC reset.

So an appointment to the Apple store next week. Hopefully they can do something with the keys. After playing around, I noticed that it happens with my “number 5” key. Tapping it once gives me “55” instead of just one “5”. Sometimes even “555”. Am I being too much a perfectionist? Maybe the rest of the machine is too perfect that this becomes overly jarring. I’m just glad its not happening to the alphabet keys, otherwise I would be mad.

Those who are considering buying, please check all your keys before accepting the product, otherwise you will pretty much regret.

So lets see what happens at the store. Apple you owe me this one…