Lessons From Donald Trump That Will Change The Way You Use LinkedIn

“With these 3 in-your-face lessons from Donald Trump, you will never use LinkedIn the same way again.”

I share 3 candid lessons from Donald Trump that will change the way you use LinkedIn as a business tool in 2016.

Lessons From Donald Trump That Will Change The Way You Use LinkedIn

It was just another busy morning.

The phone kept ringing, email pop-ups flashed on my screen every few minutes, and I knew old Saint Nick would bring me lots of clients for Christmas. For a digital marketer, the festive season means revamps, rewrites, new campaigns and fresh strategies for the New Year.

It also means lots of quotes, negotiations and unbillable hours.

But this year, something was different. Instead of Santa’s face beaming back at me from every website, there was a coup in progress. One man had figured out a way to outshine a 1,745 year old mythological figure. And that man was Donald Trump.

Everywhere you looked — there he was, and it got me thinking.

How does a real estate and entertainment mogul go from being an amusement, to being considered for the Presidency of the United States? What a rapid turnaround in power!

The more I researched, the more I realized — there is a lot to learn from a business strategist like Donald Trump, and his lessons could be applied on a platform like LinkedIn to break through the clutter, rise to the top and secure those ever-desirable connections that will propel your business ahead of competitors going into 2016.

Here is what I discovered…

#1: Donald Trump Says ‘Be Different’

On a platform like LinkedIn, everyone is a business expert, a CEO, or a superstar of some kind. We live in the modern age of ‘achievement-based’ egos. This makes it hard to stand out on the business network, when you are ‘great’ like everyone else.

Trump’s actions have taught us what will help build a fast, sustainable audience that will come back for more.

Have something different, controversial, or interesting to say! Surprise people with your candor, your passion and your outrage.

Dare to be different and create demand through intrigue.

Yes, that means relooking at your profile, your group messages, your LinkedIn blog posts.

How ‘the same’ have you become?

When Donald Trump released his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the US, people were outraged — but he also hit a new high in the polls.


#2: Donald Trump Says ‘Be Everywhere’

There is no denying that the man is a streamlined brand, built for the cult of personality. People have tuned-in in record numbers to watch debates and hear his stance on various matters of public and social policy.

Because of the consistency of his statements — Donald Trump provokes debate and virality around tough-to-consume subjects. His audience wants to align themselves with his edgy ideas.

Love him or hate him, everyone is talking about him.

On LinkedIn, you can use this technique to increase your own brand virality and build a stronger audience for yourself that will help you grow over time.

The trick is to be consistently controversial, consistent in your content, and consistent in your brand and brand messages on LinkedIn. Are you living your brand?

Be a predictably unpredictable brand, be consistently everywhere.


#3: Donald Trump Says ‘Consolidate and Be Selective’

Connections are valuable on LinkedIn, especially if they open up new lines of business. Donald Trump knows this well, and has a philosophy that can help you thrive on the platform. He believes that he can talk to anyone about anything.

But this does not mean that he lets everyone into his inner circle. On LinkedIn your brand needs to connect with influencers that can drive you forward. Anyone below you will be asking for help, not offering it.

Always reserve some groups and accounts for top-tier business only.

Build a wall around your goals to segment how to treat each audience — they want different things from you. If you reach down too often, you forget to reach up and this is where momentum lives.

A quick review… Donald Trump taught me that to stand out on LinkedIn I needed to create demand through intrigue and be different, to focus on being consistently in the face of my audience, as a predictably edgy brand, and to learn to be selective for progress-sake.

Does your LinkedIn content distinguish you from everyone else?

If not, like me, you have your work cut out in 2016.

Do you agree with these LinkedIn lessons from Donald Trump? If not, I really want to hear from you.

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